Tahitian, meaning unknown

Tahiti Origin and Meaning

The name Tahiti is a girl's name of Polynesian origin.

The Polynesian place name Tahiti was given to the island by its natives, although the origins of this name have been lost to history. Tahiti was once a Polynesian kingdom, but today is a part of the Society Islands in French Polynesia.

It's important to recognize that Tahiti's history is intertwined with the shadows of colonialism, making this a loaded, unadvisable choice for those without Tahitian heritage. Tahitians do not use Tahiti as a baby name, but we have seen it used as a middle name by parents in the Tahitian diaspora.

Tahiti in Pop Culture

  • Project Tahitithe program intended to save a mortally wounded Avenger (Marvel Earth,199999), as seen in Marvel's Agents of Shield. (Also the name of Season 1, Episode 14, "T.A.H.I.T.I.")

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