Russian, diminutive of Alexandra
"defending men"

Shura Origin and Meaning

The name Shura is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning "defending men".

Shura is a unisex Russian nickname for Aleksandr or Aleksandra, themselves forms of Alexander. Less known in the English-speaking world than Sasha, it's also more assertive — probably because of that "sure" sound.

Famous People Named Shura

  • Aleksandra Lilah "Shura" YakuninaDenton, English singer,songwriter
  • Aleksandra "Shura" Lange Baryshnikova (b. 1981)daughter of actress Jessica Lange and dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Alexandra Tatiana Elise "Shura" Wevilldaughter of poet Ted Hughes and his mistress Assia Wevill, who killed herself and her daughter when Shura was four years old

Shura in Pop Culture

  • Shuraa researcher of ancient civilizations in Xenoblade Chronicles