Salima Origin and Meaning

The name Salima is a girl's name of Arabic origin meaning "safe".

Very popular throughout the Arab world and growing in use in the US as well, where it was given last year to more than 50 baby girls.

Famous People Named Salima

  • Salima Aga KhanBritish ex,wife of Prince Karim Aga Khan
  • Salima GhezaliAlgerian journalist and writer
  • Salima HashmiPakistani artist and writer
  • Salima IkramPakistani archaeologist
  • Salima Machambasultan of Mohéli
  • Salima SaxtonBritish actress and writer
  • Salima (Murad) PashaIraqi singer
  • Salima Sultan Begumempress consort of the Mughal Empire