Czech, variation of Ruth
"companion, friend"

Rut Origin and Meaning

The name Rut is a girl's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "companion, friend".

Pronounced ROOT in its native land, but in a rut here.

Rut Popularity

Famous People Named Rut

  • Rut Blees LuxemburgGerman photographer
  • Rut BrandtGerman writer
  • (Rut) Hedvig LindahlSwedish footballer
  • John RutEnglish mariner
  • Tadeusz RutPolish athlete
  • Tomasz RutPolish painter
  • Rut Castillo GalindoMexican rhythmic gymnast

Rut in Pop Culture

  • Rutthe period of time when certain ungulates mate
  • Ruta depression or groove worn into a road or path
  • The RutsBritish punk rock band