Romany Origin and Meaning

The name Romany is a girl's name of French origin meaning "Romani".

Romany is a melodious name referring to the Roma or Romani community and their culture, which makes it a potentially controversial choice for a baby not of that heritage. Romany Malco is an actor who appeared on the television show "Weeds." Other similar ideas: Roman, Romano, or Romeo.

Famous People Named Romany

  • Romany Gilmour (b. 2002)daughter of English musician David Gilmour of Pink Floyd
  • Romanythe Diva of Magic, English professional magicienne

Romany in Pop Culture

  • Romanyethnic group of Indian origin;
  • "Romany" 1972 album by English band The Hollies
  • Romany Wisdomcomic book character and sister to X,Men ally Pete Wisdom

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