Quinta Origin and Meaning

The name Quinta is a girl's name meaning "fifth".

The feminine Quinta is virtually unused in the US, though male forms of the Roman family name Quintus, such as Quintin and Quentin, are quite popular. That may change with the emergence of comedian and actress Quinta Brunson, creator of the television show Abbott Elementary.

In the Netherlands, the short form Quinty is widely used, and in the US, the related Quincy is becoming popular for girls. Quinn, an unrelated Irish surname-name with a similar feel, is in the girls' Top 100 in the US. Ancient roots coupled with modern rarity make Quinta a highly desirable name.

A modern bearer is Quinta Brunson — creator of the sitcom Abbott Elementary.

Famous People Named Quinta

  • Kinta Beevor (born Carinthia Jane Waterfield)1911,1995, author of A Tuscan Childhood
  • Quinta Brunsonpart of the Buzzfeed team on Youtube.

Quinta in Pop Culture

  • Quinta Rubantype of whiskey