n(g)-EYE-ree; NY-ree
"flax flower"

Ngaire Origin and Meaning

The name Ngaire is a girl's name meaning "flax flower".

This name is common in New Zealand and Australia, with famous bearers including TV producer Ngaire Fuata and academic and author Ngaire Woods. It is pronounced ng (like the end of sing) -EYE-ree.

Famous People Named Ngaire

  • Ngaire Dawn "Nyree" PorterNew Zealand actress
  • Ngaire Tui WoodsNew Zealand political scientist
  • Ngaire FuataNew Zealand pop singer
  • Ngaire Ruth ThomasNew Zealand author
  • Ngaire LaneNew Zealand swimmer

Ngaire in Pop Culture

  • Ngaire Thompsoncharacter on New Zealand soap "Shortland Street"