Diminutive of Miriam

Mim Origin and Meaning

The name Mim is a girl's name .

A hum of a name occasionally heard. Madame Mim was a villain in Disney's "The Sword in the Stone."

Famous People Named Mim

  • Miriam "Mim" NervoAustralian DJ/songwriter/model
  • Emily "Mim" MicheloudakisAustralian actress/comedienne
  • Miriam "Mim" GreyEnglish electronic music singer

Mim in Pop Culture

  • Mim Farrandcharacter in "HERmione" (1981) by H.D.
  • Mim Herbertcharacter in "The Missing Girl" by Norma Fox Mazer
  • Mary Iris "Mim" Malonecharacter in "Mosquitoland"
  • Madam Mimwitch in T.H White's "The Sword and the Stone" and Disney film
  • Mim Possiblegreat,great,aunt of Kim Possible on "Kim Possible"