Diminutive of Melanie
"black, dark"

Mel Origin and Meaning

The name Mel is a girl's name meaning "black, dark".

Not one but two Spice Girls are named Mel, which led to it briefly being more popular for girls than boys in the 90s and early 00s, but it has now fallen out of favor for both sexes.

Famous People Named Mel

  • Melanie Janine "Mel B" Brown aka Scary SpiceBritish pop singer formerly of The Spice Girls
  • Melanie Jayne "Mel C" Chisholm aka Sporty SpiceEnglish pop singer formerly of The Spice Girls
  • Mary Ellen "Mel" HarrisAmerican actress
  • Mel LisboaBrazilian actress
  • Melanie Jayne "Mel" MartinEnglish actress

Mel in Pop Culture

  • Mel Jonescharacter in "Coraline"
  • Melanie "Mel" Bushcharacter on TV's "Doctor Who"
  • Melanie "Mel" Burtoncharacter on British soap Hollyoaks
  • Melanie Jane "Mel" Owencharacter on British soap "EastEnders"
  • Melinda "Mel" Karnofskycharacter on TV's Frasier
  • Melcharacter on TV's "Flight of the Conchords"
  • MelPortuguese word for honey