"weak, sick; dance"

Mahlah Origin and Meaning

The name Mahlah is a girl's name meaning "weak, sick; dance".

In the Bible, Mahlah was one of five daughters of Zelophehad. The others were Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. Noa is popular, Tirzah is sometimes used, and Mahlah has a much better chance of modern revival than Hoglah.

Many sources give the meaning of Mahlah as weak, sick, or diseased, not an appealing image, but others say it means dance.

Famous People Named Mahlah

  • Mahlahone of Zelophehad's five daughters (Num. 26:33)
  • Mahlahdaughter of Hammolecheth; niece of Gilead (1 Chr. 7:18–6)