Madelin Origin and Meaning

The name Madelin is a girl's name .

A spelling variation of Madeleine, which is the French form of Hebrew Magdalene meaning "from Magdala" or "from the high tower."

While Madeleine is the most popular spelling option in the UK and France , Madelyn and Madeline rank higher in the US.

Regardless of what spelling you use, however, when you combine all the variations together, names from the Madeline family are given to nearly 10,000 babies every year in the US. Whatever spin you put on it then, there will still be plenty of other Maddys running round the playgrounds in the next few years, making it feel more like a Top 10 option than it really is.

Not necessarily a bad thing - it is a great name after all with plenty of elegance, sweetness and spirit. It's just worth remembering that tweaking the spelling won't make it stand out when its called.