Diminutive of Leona
"happy fortune"

Lona Origin and Meaning

The name Lona is a girl's name .

Unfashionable name, with the rather poignant lone sound.

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Lona Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Lona

  • Lona Andre (born Launa Anderson)American actress
  • Abelone Maria "Lona" BarrisonDanish,American vaudevillian of the Barrison Sisters
  • Lona CohenAmerican Soviet spy
  • Lona WilliamsAmerican television producer

Lona in Pop Culture

  • LonaHawaiian moon goddess
  • "Lona" 1923 Welsh novel by Thomas Gwynn Jones
  • Lonasaid to be a Welsh pet form of Maelona ("princess;" cf. Maelle, Maelys)