Spanish, feminine variation of Joaquin

Joaquina Origin and Meaning

The name Joaquina is a girl's name of Spanish origin.

As Joaquin enters the American mainstream, his sister might just follow.

Famous People Named Joaquina

  • Saint Joaquina Vedruna de MasCatalonian nun; founder of the Carmelite Sisters of the Charity
  • Joaquina TéllezGirón (y Pimentel), Marquise of Santa Cruz, famously portrayed in a painting by Goya
  • (Maria)Joaquina Sitchez Briones, Spanish actress and operatic soprano
  • Joaquina María Mercedes Barcelo Pages (Consuelo)Spanish venerable nun; cofounder of the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation
  • Joaquina Navarrete ContrerasMexican politician
  • Joaquina López Laffiteone of the Spanish "Las Trece Rosas"