English, diminutive of Harriet
"estate ruler"

Hatty Origin and Meaning

The name Hatty is a girl's name meaning "estate ruler".

Hatty is an old school nickname for Harriet, itself an old-fashioned choice. The more usual spelling historically is Hattie, with was given to more than 750 baby girls last year in the US, three times as many as were named Harriet. Hatty, by contrast, was used for fewer than five babies -- quite a contrast!

Famous People Named Hatty

  • Harriet Elizabeth "Hatty" KeaneEnglish R&B singer
  • Hatty JonesEnglish actress
  • Harriet Fleur "Hatty" Dynevor (b. 2003)daughter of actress Sally Dynevor

Hatty in Pop Culture

  • Harriet "Hatty" Bartholomewlittle girl in "Tom's Midnight Garden" by Philippa Pearce
  • Henrietta "Hatty" Dorancharacter in Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor"
  • Hatty Hattington (a box wearing a giant hat)villain in video game "Battleblock Theater"
  • Hatty the Hamstercharacter in animated series "Ruff,Ruff, Tweet and Dave"