Greek mythology name
"dweller in the sea"

Halie Origin and Meaning

The name Halie is a girl's name meaning "dweller in the sea".

Halie is the name of several figures in Greek mythology, most of them sea nymphs.

The most prominent mythological Halie was the mother of Rhodos, who gave her name to the island Rhodes, and six sons by Poseidon. Another was called the "ox-eyed Nereid" and yet another mated with a serpant.

In contemporary English-speaking lands, Halie will be equated with more modern names Hayley, Hallie, Hailey et al.

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Halie Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Halie

  • Halie LorenAmerican jazz singer,songwriter
  • Halie TipladyHurring, New Zealand rugby union player