German, diminutive of several names, meaning "universal, complete"
"universal, complete"

Ermengard Origin and Meaning

Variation of Irma

Famous People Named Ermengard

  • Ermengarde de BeaumontQueen Consort to William I of Scotland
  • Ermengarde of HesbayeHoly Roman Empress consort of Louis the Pious
  • Ermengarde of ToursHoly Roman Empress consort of Lothair I
  • ErmengardeCountess of Maine, first wife of Fulk V of Anjou

Ermengard in Pop Culture

  • Ermengardethe Lady of Baldringham, Saxon character in Sir Walter Scott's historical novel The Betrothed (1825)
  • Ermengarde Vandergeldercharacter in play "The Matchmaker" and musical "Hello Dolly" by Thornton Wilder
  • Ermengardea character from Francis Hodgson Burnett's "A Little Princess"

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