Feminine diminutive of Roman family name Domitius

Domitilla Origin and Meaning

The name Domitilla is a girl's name of French, Latin origin.

The name of the wife of the Roman emperor Vespasianus and the mother of the emperors Titus and Domitianus. The variation Domitille has been heard in modern day France. Domitila is the Spanish and Portuguese version.

Famous People Named Domitilla

  • Domitilla the Elder (Flavia Domitilla Major)wife of the Roman Emperor Vespasian
  • Domitilla the Younger (Flavia Domitilla Minor)daughter of Vespasian and Domitilla the Elder
  • Saint (Flavia) Domitilladaughter of Domitilla the Younger
  • Domitilla HardingItalian designer
  • Domitilla D'AmicoItalian voice actress
  • Domitilla SavignoniItalian TV journalist
  • Domitilla CalamaiItalian novelist
  • Maria Domitilla GalluzziItalian mystic
  • Domitila de CastroMarchesa of Santos, lover of Brazilian emperor Peter I
  • Domitila Barrios de ChungaraBolivian labor leader and feminist
  • Domitila García Doménico de Coronadofirst Cuban woman journalist

Domitilla in Pop Culture

  • Clan name: the secondcentury saint Flavia Domitilla allowed her gardens in Rome to be used as a Christian cemetery.

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