Diminutive of Dilys, Dilwen, and Daffodil
"image of worship"

Dilly Origin and Meaning

The name Dilly is a girl's name .

Somewhat light and silly on its own.

Famous People Named Dilly

  • Dilaver "Dilly" DukaAmerican male soccer player
  • Alfred Dillwyn "Dilly" KnoxEnglish male cryptographer

Dilly in Pop Culture

  • Delia "Dilly" Dedalusyounger sister of Stephen Dedalus, mentioned in James Joyce's "Ulysses"
  • Dilly BarDairy Queen ice cream product
  • "Lavender's bluedilly, dilly," lyrics in an English folk song
  • "Dilly" song by Band of Horses
  • Dillydally, term meaning to waste time
  • "Baby Dilly" nickname for Jill (Duggar) Dillard's first son in utero