day-AHN-ah, die-AHN-ah
Spanish, Kazakh
"heavenly, faith"

Dayana Origin and Meaning

The name Dayana is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "heavenly, faith".

Dayana is an Hispanic variant of Diana, notably belonging to Venezuelan actress, model and producer Dayana Mendoza. It also belongs to a South American orchid whose name derives from the surname of English botanist John Day. Its use can be partly attributed to the popularity of Diana, the Princess of Wales.

Dayana is also the English transliteration of a Kazakh name deriving from the Arabic word for "religion" or "faith".

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Dayana Popularity

Famous People Named Dayana

  • Dayana Sabrina MendozaVenezuelan beauty queen, Miss Universe 2008
  • Dayana CadeauHaitian,Canadian bodybuilder
  • Dayana Carolina ColmenaresMiss Venezuela International 2007
  • Dayana Andreína BorgesVenezuelan model
  • Dayana ZhakupovaKazakhstani rhythmic gymnast