Variation of Cheryl, compound name, blending Cheryl and Lyn
"beloved lake; beloved and pretty"

Cherilyn Origin and Meaning

The name Cherilyn is a girl's name meaning "beloved lake; beloved and pretty".

Sweet and retro, Cherilyn peaked in 1972, when Cher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian) rose to fame. Possibly not quite ready for a comeback, though perhaps fun nickname Cherry might swing it.

# 960 in the US

Cherilyn Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Cherilyn

  • Cherilyn "Cher" SarkisianAmerican singer/actress
  • Cherilyn Rae WilsonAmerican actress

Cherilyn in Pop Culture

  • Cherilyn "Cher" Horowitzmain character in film "Clueless"