Spelling variation of Karen, Danish variation of Katherine

Caryn Origin and Meaning

The name Caryn is a girl's name of Scandinavian, Danish origin meaning "pure".

Modernized spelling not enough to revive Karen.

# 815 in the US

Caryn Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Caryn

  • Caryn Elaine Johnsonbirth name of American actress/comedienne Whoopi Goldberg
  • Caryn DaviesAmerican Olympic rower
  • Caryn MandabachAmerican TV producer
  • Caryn RichmanAmerican actress
  • Caryn FranklinEnglish fashion commentator
  • Caryn Lynn MowerAmerican actress, stuntwoman, and wrestler
  • Caryn MirriamGoldberg, American poet
  • Caryn Linda NavyAmerican mathematician and computer scientist
  • Caryn JamesAmerican film critic and novelist
  • Caryn WardAmerican actress
  • Caryn WaechterAmerican film director and photographer