Spelling variation of occupational name Bailey
"law enforcer, bailiff"

Baylee Origin and Meaning

The name Baylee is a girl's name meaning "law enforcer, bailiff".

This Bailey variation is the second most popular spelling for girls, and while the -ee ending does make it more feminine, it feels more substantial in the original form. Bailee and Bayley are two other, less common alternatives.

# 887 in the US

Baylee Rank in US Top 1000

Baylee Popularity

Famous People Named Baylee

  • Baylee JensenMiss Utah USA 2017
  • Baylee SmithMiss Alabama USA 2017
  • Baylee Almoninfant in a famous photo of the Oklahoma City bombing
  • Baylee Marie Roethlisberger (b. 2014)daughter of NFL player Ben Roethlisberger