at-LAN-ta or at-LAN-a
Place name
"Atlantic Ocean"

Atlanta Origin and Meaning

The name Atlanta is a girl's name meaning "Atlantic Ocean".

The capital of Georgia is far from the ocean, but got its name from the Western and Atlantic Railroad which ran through the city. Best known as a hub of industry and transport, and for its roles in the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement, it has never been popular as a baby name despite sounding like one. Its peak popularity was in 1995, the year before Atlanta hosted the Olympic Games.

As parents embrace more diverse place names for babies, beyond the obvious Georgia and Savannah, we may start to see more of Atlanta on the baby name map. Or add an extra letter to make it Atalanta, a bona fide (but even rarer) mythological name.

Atlanta Popularity

Famous People Named Atlanta

  • Atlanta de CadenetTaylor, British socialite/model; daughter of musician John Taylor

Atlanta in Pop Culture

  • Atlantacharacter on animated series "Class of the Titans"
  • Atlantamain character in "Quiver" by Stephanie Spinner, based on the mythological figure
  • AtlantaGeorgia, USA
  • "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality TV show