Arlene Origin and Meaning

The name Arlene is a girl's name .

Popular in the US from the 1920s to the 1950s, Arlene is of uncertain origin and seems to be a modern innovation, perhaps based on names like Marlene and Darlene which were popular around the same time. Nowadays, the -lene names are mostly outdated, although the recent rise of retro Arlette could make Arlene seem plausible again as well.

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Arlene Popularity

Famous People Named Arlene

  • Arlene DahlAmerican actress
  • Arlene DickinsonCanadian businesswoman, star of TV's "Dragon's Den"
  • Arlene PhillipsEnglish choreographer and TV personality
  • Arlene FrancisAmerican actress and TV personality
  • Arlene SanfordAmerican TV director
  • Arlene Martel (born Arline Greta Sax)American actress
  • Arlene Hannah Butterbirth name of the late performance artist Hannah Wilke

Arlene in Pop Culture

  • Arlenecat character in the Garfield comics and films
  • Arlene Fowlercharacter in the True Blood series
  • Arlene Luthorcharacter in DC Comics
  • Annoying Arleneminor character on "Dude, I'm In the Band"
  • Arlene Lorenzocharacter in the 1999 comedy film "Dick" about President Richard Nixon