Aoi Origin and Meaning

The name Aoi is a girl's name of Japanese origin meaning "bluish".

A very popular girls' name in Japan with an unfortunate English pronunciation: picture a toddler with a hurt knee saying "owee."

Aoi Popularity

Famous People Named Aoi

  • Aoi MiyazakiJapanese actress
  • Aoi YukiJapanese actress and singer
  • Aoi YuukiJapanese actress
  • Aoi NakamuraJapanese model

Aoi in Pop Culture

  • Aoi Asahinaswimmer in the Japanese Murder Mystery game, Dangan Ronpa
  • Aoi Kuniedaone of the four leaders of Ishiyama High school in the Anime/ Manga
  • "Beelzebub"
  • "Aoi" song by Japanese band Sakanaction
  • Aoicharacter in Virtua Fighter game series