HeartAhg-NEESH-ka; Ahg-NYESH-ka
Polish version of Agnes

Agnieszka Origin and Meaning

The name Agnieszka is a girl's name of Polish origin.

In the Top 100 in Poland, this is probably the most flowery and feminine version of Agnes making the rounds.

Agnieszka Popularity

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Famous People Named Agnieszka

  • Agnieszka (Agnes) of BohemiaDuchess of Jawor and only child of Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Ryksa,Elżbieta (Elizabeth Richeza) of Poland
  • Agnieszka Barbara ChylińskaPolish singer
  • Agnieszka Ewa CzopekSadowska, Polish swimmer
  • Agnieszka DuczmalPolish conductor
  • Agnieszka Urszula DygantPolish actress
  • Agnieszka FitkauPerepeczko, Polish actress
  • Agnieszka Magdalena GrzybekCyl, Polish scholar, Polish feminist, leader of Polish political party Partia Zielonych
  • Agnieszka HollandPolish director
  • Agnieszka Kotulanka (SasUhrynowska, de domo Kotuła), Polish actress
  • Agnieszka SkoczekKunikowska, Polish actress, lector and radio presenter
  • Agnieszka MaciągWolańska (Kozak), Polish model, actress, singer and writer
  • Agnieszka OsieckaPolish poet, songwriter
  • Agnieszka RadwanskaPolish tennis player

Agnieszka in Pop Culture

  • Main character and heroine of the fantasy novel Uprooted by Naomi Novik