"to arise; dawn"

Zerah Origin and Meaning

The name Zerah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "to arise; dawn".

The Biblical Zerah is etymologically related to such names as Zora, which also means dawn. While the vowel sound at the end of the name does not sound as feminine to our modern ear as it once did, thanks to such popular choices as Noah and Joshua, but the downside of Zerah is that it is quite similar to such girls' names as Zara and Sarah.

Famous People Named Zerah

  • Zerahson of Reuel, grandson of Esau, great,grandson of Issac (1 Chr. 1:37)
  • Zerahfather of King Jobab of Edom (1 Chr. 1:44)
  • Zerahson of Simeon, grandson of Israel, great,grandson of Isaac (Num. 26:13)
  • Zerahson of Jacob and Tamar, grandson of Jacob (Num. 26:20)
  • Zerahfather of Jeaterai, son of Iddo, of the tribe of Levi (1 Chr. 6:21)
  • Zerahfather of Ethni, son of Adaiah, of the tribe of Levi (1 Chr. 6:41)
  • Zerahthe Ethiopian leader who fought against King Asa (2 Chr. 14:9)
  • Zerah Colburnchild prodigy "mental calculator"