American variation of Jansen, Dutch, Native American
"son of Jan; yankee"

Yancy Origin and Meaning

The name Yancy is a boy's name meaning "son of Jan; yankee".

Yancy has two separate American origins — first as the Native American term for "Yankee," and second as the Americanized variation of the common Dutch surname Jansen. Jan being the Dutch form of John, Yancy could work to honor anyone in your life with a John-related name.

# 923 in the US

Yancy Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Yancy

  • Yancy Grayson GatesAmerican basketball player
  • Yancy MedeirosAmerican mixed martial artist
  • Yancy Rozal de OcampoFilipino basketball player
  • Yancy Bailey Spencer IIIAmerican surfer
  • Yancy Victoria ButlerAmerican actress

Yancy in Pop Culture

  • "Yancy Derringer" Western TV series and its main character
  • Yancy Lydoncharacter from TV series "American Gothic"
  • Yancy BecketDiego Klattenhoff's character in "Pacific Rim"