Tongan form of William

Viliami Origin and Meaning

The name Viliami is a boy's name .

William has any international variations, including the super-popular Liam. This version is largely unknown beyond the South Sea Islands.

Famous People Named Viliami

  • Viliami Tungī MailefihiPrime Minister of Tonga; former Crown Prince
  • Viliami LatuTongan Minister of Tourism
  • Viliami Ta’u Tangiformer Tongan Cabinet Minister
  • Viliami Laukau VakiTongan rugby union player
  • Viliami Ma'afuTongan rugby union player
  • Viliami OfahengaueTongan rugby union player
  • Viliami Alfred MoalaAmerican NFL football player
  • Viliami VaitakiTongan footballer
  • Viliami Veasi‘i VeikuneTongan politician