"my power is Yahweh"

Uzziah Origin and Meaning

The name Uzziah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "my power is Yahweh".

Uzziah was an Old Testament king of Judah, among other personages. The initial U is a bit funky for modern tastes; we don't see this one enjoying a revival ala Isaiah and Noah anytime soon.

Uzziah Popularity

Famous People Named Uzziah

  • Uzziahfather of Shaul, son of Uriel, of the tribe of Levi (1 Chr. 6:24)
  • Uzziahfather of the man who was over David's storehouses (1 Chr. 27:25)
  • Uzziahwho took a foreign wife; of the sons of Harim (Ezra 10:21)
  • Uzziahfather of Athaiah; son of Zechariah; of the tribe of Judah (Nehemiah 11:4)