Trygg Origin and Meaning

The name Trygg is a boy's name of Norwegian origin meaning "safe".

Sarah Palin spelled it Trig, as in the nickname for trigonometry, but Trygg is a genuine Norwegian word name for boys.

Famous People Named Trygg

  • Tryggvi the Pretenderlegendary Viking chieftan
  • Tryggvi Snær HlinasonIcelandic basketball player
  • Tryggvi Þór HerbertssonIcelandic MP
  • Tryggvi GuðmundssonIcelandic footballer
  • (Jens) Tryggve Herman GranNorwegian aviator and explorer
  • Tryggve AndersenNorwegian novelist

Trygg in Pop Culture

  • Trygg the Sorcerercharacter in DC Comics