Thom Origin and Meaning

The name Thom is a boy's name of Aramaic origin meaning "twin".

Pronounced like Tom, but not everyone will know that.

Famous People Named Thom

  • Thomas Edward "Thom" Yorkelead singer of English band Radiohead
  • Thomas Roland "Thom" TillisU.S. Congressman from North Carolina
  • Thomas "Thom" MathewsAmerican actor
  • Thom AdcoxHernandez, American voice actor

Thom in Pop Culture

  • Thom Merrilina gleeman in Robert Jordan's series The Wheel of Time
  • Thom Kallorcharacter in DC Comics
  • Thom Vidalis the Dragonbornformer rp character in realplay DnD podcast Drunks and Dragons. Played by Mike Bachmann.
  • "Thom Pain (based on nothing)"acclaimed one,man play by Will Eno