Telemachus Origin and Meaning

The name Telemachus is a boy's name .

Famously the name of Odysseus and Penelope's son in "The Odyssey."

Famous People Named Telemachus

  • Saint TelemachusRoman monk and martyr
  • Telemachusleader of a 554 BC general uprising in the Greek city,state of Acragas
  • Roger TelemachusSouth African cricketer
  • Telemachuscat belonging to singer Carole King, pictured on the front cover of her album 'Tapestry'.

Telemachus in Pop Culture

  • Telemachusson of Odysseus (Ulysses) and Penelope in Greek Mythology. He later received his own "telegony", telling the tale of some of his own life.
  • TelemachusEpisode 1 of James Joyce's novel 'Ulysses' , a modern retelling of 'The Odyssey' (Part 1 is called "Telemachia")