"thoughtful counsel"

Tancred Origin and Meaning

The name Tancred is a boy's name of German origin meaning "thoughtful counsel".

More familiar to most English speakers in its Italian form, Tancredo, this Old School name is one to consider if you want something both authentic and highly unusual.

Famous People Named Tancred

  • TancredNorman leader of the First Crusade, Prince of Galilee and regent of Antioch
  • Tancred of HautevilleNorman nobleman
  • TancredPrince of Bari
  • TancredCount of Syracuse
  • TancredKing of Sicily
  • Tancred IbsenNorwegian officer, grandson of Henrik Ibsen
  • (Carl) Tancred BoreniusFinnish art historian
  • Tancred of Conversanocount of Brindisi
  • Tancred TancrediDominican friar
  • Tancred of BolognaDominican canonist
  • Tankradabbot of Prum Abbey
  • Tancred "Tanc" SadeAustralian actor

Tancred in Pop Culture

  • Tancred of Salernocharacter in Boccaccio's Decameron
  • Tancreda character in computer game Diablo 2
  • Tancreda character in Summoner, known as the "King of Fleas"
  • Tancred Torssoncharacter in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
  • TancredKing of Naples and Prince of Salerne, character in "Tancred and Gismund," English Elizabethan play
  • Old French name of Germanic originbrought to England by the Normans