"beloved friend"

Taffy Origin and Meaning

The name Taffy is a boy's name meaning "beloved friend".

Taffy, in addition to being a diminutive of Dafydd, is a slang term for Welsh people in general – probably from the River Taff. Too candy-like to be used in the US.

Famous People Named Taffy

  • Clarence "Taffy "AbelAmerican ice hockey player
  • William "Taffy" DaviesWelsh footballer
  • Eugene "Taffy" O'CallaghanWelsh footballer
  • Isaac "Taffy" SpelmanEnglish footballer
  • Hugh "Taffy" WilliamsWelsh mercenary
  • Taft "Taffy" WrightAmerican baseball player
  • Taffy ThomasEnglish storyteller

Taffy in Pop Culture

  • Dr. Taffy Sinclaircharacter in The Metatemporal Detective series by Michael Moorcock
  • Taffystretchy character in video game "ClayFighter"
  • "Taffy was a Welshman" English nursery rhyme portraying the Welsh as thieves