English surname
"jumper, leaper"

Springer Origin and Meaning

The name Springer is a boy's name meaning "jumper, leaper".

This lively, springy, rarely used surname name has an interesting history. For the English, German, Dutch and Ashkenazic Jews it was a nickname for a lively person or traveling entertainer, deriving from the words springen/springhen/shpringen, and in English it's also a topographical name for someone living near the source of a stream. An unusual option if you're seeking an out-of-the-ordinary 'er'-ending name. Though for some it might bring to mind Jerry Springer, or a Spaniel.

Famous People Named Springer

  • Springer Holland Cate (b. 2005)brother of actor/musician Field Cate (from band Fencer)
  • Axel SpringerGerman journalist, founder of Axel Springer AG publishing company
  • Julius SpringerGerman publisher, founder of Springer,Verlag (global scientific publishing house)
  • Aaron SpringerAmerican animator and storyboard artist
  • Col. Robert C. SpringerNASA astronaut
  • George SpringerAmerican baseball player
  • F. J. Springerfounder of the Springer Opera House
  • Ashley SpringerAmerican actor
  • FouldSpringer and von Springer, surnames of English actress Helena Bonham Carter's maternal family

Springer in Pop Culture

  • Springer McDowelllead character in the romance novel "Banish Misfortune," by Anne Stuart
  • Springercharacter in the Transformers series
  • "Springer" is the German word for the knight in chess.
  • Springer spanieldog breed
  • Springerthe orca whale
  • Ivory Springercharacter on TV's "Northern Exposure"
  • Dianne Springer Fitzgeraldcharacter on TV's "Pretty Little Liars"
  • In architecturethe "springer" is the lowest stone in an arch, where the curve begins.
  • Springer Opera House (c. 1871)theater in Columbus, Georgia, USA
  • Springer Pointin southern Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • Springer's Point Nature PreserveNorth Carolina, USA
  • Nicknames: SpringSprings, Sprig, Springbok
  • Springermodel of Harley,Davidson motorcycle
  • (Heritage Springer and Springer Softail)