"safe strength"

Sosthenes Origin and Meaning

The name Sosthenes is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "safe strength".

The name of two Biblical figures, one a supporter of St. Paul and the other a Corinthian ruler. Virtually unknown in the U.S. but used in the form Sosthene in modern France.

Famous People Named Sosthenes

  • Sosthenes of Macedongeneral and possible king of the Antipatrid dynasty
  • Sosthenes BehnAmerican founder of ITT Corp.
  • Sosthenes José Santos Sallesbirth name of Neto Berola, Brazilian footballer
  • Sosthène SogloBeninese footballer
  • Sosthene Aubin "Sos" YaoIvorian,British footballer
  • Sosthène FernandezCambodian Khmer general
  • Sosthène WeisLuxembourgian painter
  • Sostenes BitokKenyan distance runner