"son of Harry"

Parry Origin and Meaning

The name Parry is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "son of Harry".

Parry is quite common in Wales, often as a surname, but would inevitably be misunderstood as Perry or even Harry.

Famous People Named Parry

  • Parry O'BrienAmerican Olympic shot putter
  • Parry GordonEnglish rugby league footballer
  • Parry GrippAmerican musician of pop punk band Nerf Herder
  • Parry Wayne HumphreysUnited States House Representative from Tennessee
  • Parry LiyanageSri Lankan army officer, athlete and coach
  • Parry MitchellBaron Mitchell, British businessman and MP
  • Parry ShenAmerican actor
  • (Edward) Parry ThomasAmerican banker who helped finance the development of the casino industry of Las Vegas
  • Parry AftabAmerican female lawyer specializing in Internet privacy and security law

Parry in Pop Culture

  • Parrycharacter in the movie The Fisher King
  • Parrycharacter in the series Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony
  • Parrythe Hero's son in video game Dragon Quest V
  • PARRYearly chatterbot
  • A parry is a fencing bladework maneuver intended to deflect or block an incoming attack.