"son of Eaghra"

O'hara Origin and Meaning

The name O'hara is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "son of Eaghra".

The O'Haras are descended from Eaghra -- pronounced and phonetically spelled Ara -- the lord of Luighne, the modern Leyney in County Sligo. As a name, this makes a satisfying new twist on Harry.

Famous People Named O'hara

  • Frank O'HaraAmerican poet

O'hara in Pop Culture

  • Detective Juliet O'Harafrom the TV show "Psych"
  • Scarlett O'Haramain character of classic American movie and book "Gone with the Wind"
  • Kimball "Kim" O'Haratitle hero of Rudyard Kipling's novel "Kim" (1901)
  • Neely O'Haracharacter in "Valley of the Dolls"
  • Kelley O'Harasoccer player for the US Women's National Team
  • Should be a girl's name.