"we shall rise up, we shall rebel"

Nimrod Origin and Meaning

The name Nimrod is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "we shall rise up, we shall rebel".

Our kids laughed when they saw this name. Enough said.

Famous People Named Nimrod

  • NimrodBiblical king of Shinar, great,grandson of Noah
  • Nimrod AntalHungarian,American film director
  • Nimrod Shapira BarOr, Israeli swimmer
  • Nimrod KamerRomanian,Israeli,British comedian
  • Nimrod LeviIsraeli basketball player

Nimrod in Pop Culture

  • Nimrod Wildfirecharacter in James Kirke Paulding's play 'The Lion of the West'
  • Nimrod Gauntcharacter from Philip Kerr's Children of the Lamp
  • Nimroda villain in Doctor Who audio plays
  • Nimrodvampire in Marvel's Dracula Lives! comics
  • Nimrodrobot mutant,hunter in X,Men comics
  • Nimrod "Nim" reptile on TV's "Surface"
  • Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinela villain on TV's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
  • Aetius Nimrodthe infamous and evil "axe man" in "The Silver Eye", a webcomic by Laura Hollingsworth
  • Nimrodinsult created by Bugs Bunny
  • Nimrod1997 album by the band Green Day
  • "Nimrod" the 9th of Elgar's 'Enigma Variations'
  • Nimrodrobot teacher in "Strange Hill High"