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Nicasius Origin and Meaning

Variation of Nicasio

20 Names Similar to Nicasius

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Famous People Named Nicasius

  • Saint Nicasius or Nicaise of Rheims5th century patron saint of smallpox victims
  • Saint Nicasius of Die (Dijon)Gaulish bishop
  • Saint Nicasius of Sicilymedieval martyr
  • Saint Nicasius3rd century Roman martyr along with Quirinus, Scubiculus and Pientia
  • Nicasius of RouenFrench bishop
  • Nicasius BernaertsFlemish painter
  • Nicasius le FebureFrench chemist
  • Nicasius de SilleBelgian statesman
  • Nycasius de ClibanoFranco,Flemish singer and composer

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