"wrestling, struggling"

Naphtali Origin and Meaning

The name Naphtali is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "wrestling, struggling".

Rarely used biblical choice -- he's a son of Jacob -- with a bit of a white-bearded image.

Naphtali Popularity

Famous People Named Naphtali

  • Naphtalisixth son of Jacob, founder of the Israelite Tribe of Naphtali
  • Naphtali "Tuli" KupferbergAmerican poet and musician of band the Fugs
  • Naphtali DaggettAmerican minister and former president of Yale University
  • Naphtali Hirz WesselyGerman,Jewish scholar
  • Naphtali LewisAmerican papyrologist
  • Naphtali CohenRussian,German rabbi
  • Naphtali LauLavie, Israeli journalist and diplomat
  • Naphtali KellerAustrian scholar

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