"town near the moor"

Morton Origin and Meaning

The name Morton is a boy's name of English origin meaning "town near the moor".

An English family name used a few generations ago as an Anglicization of Moses, but hardly heard since th 1950s.

# 948 in the US

Morton Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Morton

  • Morton FeldmanAmerican composer
  • Morton GouldAmerican composer
  • Morton SubotnickAmerican composer
  • Morton StevensAmerican film composer
  • Morton Dean (Dubitsky)American TV journalist
  • (Sean) Morton Downey Jr.American musician and TV talk,show host
  • Morton MowerAmerican cardiologist and inventor
  • Morton KondrackeAmerican political commentator and journalist
  • Morton Howardson of comic actor Shemp Howard from "The Three Stooges"

Morton in Pop Culture

  • Morton Schmidtcharacter in movie "21 Jump Street"
  • Mortonbrand of salt
  • Morton's neuromacondition involving the nerves between the toes
  • Mortonan old turtle in "Toad Patrol"