"famous army"

Lothar Origin and Meaning

The name Lothar is a boy's name of German, Scandinavian origin meaning "famous army".

Lothar is cloddish, till you add a dashing io to the end...

Famous People Named Lothar

  • Lothar IEmperor of the Romans and King of Italy
  • Lothar de Maizièrelast prime minister of East Germany
  • Lothar Herbert MatthäusGerman football manager
  • (Adrian Dietrich) Lothar von TrothaGerman military commander
  • Lothar MendesGerman film director
  • Lothar Franz von SchönbornArchbishop,Elector of Mainz and Bishop of Bamberg
  • Lothar von SeebachGerman painter
  • Lothar SpäthGerman politician
  • Lothar MeggendorferGerman illustrator

Lothar in Pop Culture

  • Anduin Lotharthe Lion of Alliance, from World of Warcraft