"Born on a Monday"

Kwadwo Origin and Meaning

The name Kwadwo is a boy's name of African, Ghanan, Ghanaian origin meaning "Born on a Monday".

Kwadwo is a name given to men born on Monday in Western Africa, particularly Ghana and some parts of Togo and Ivory Coast. The female variant is Adwoa.

Kwadwo would be familiar to sports fanatics, due to the fame and skill of Ghanaian footballer Kwadwo Asamoah, who plays in the Italian A league.

Kwadwo is often shortened to the very cute Kojo.

Famous People Named Kwadwo

  • Kwadwo "Kojo" AsamoahGhanaian footballer
  • Kwadwo PokuGhanaian footballer
  • Kwadwo "Kojo" GyamfiPoku, Ghanaian footballer
  • Kwadwo AfariGyan, Ghanaian academic and politician
  • Kwadwo Baah WireduGhanaian MP
  • Kwadwo NkansahGhanaian actor/comedian