Khaled Origin and Meaning

The name Khaled is a boy's name meaning "eternal".

Khaled is a widely-used Arabic and Muslim name with a strong appealing meaning. Khalid is another popular spelling. Both versions are among the most familiar Arabic names for boys, perhaps thanks to DJ Khaled.

Khaled Popularity

Famous People Named Khaled

  • Khaled Mohamed Khaled aka DJ KhaledAmerican DJ
  • Khaled HosseiniAfghan,American novelist
  • Khaled Hadj IbrahimAlgerian singer,songwriter
  • Khaled MashalPalestinian activist; deputy chief of Hamas
  • Khaled AliEgyptian lawyer and activist
  • Khaled YassinGerman,Egyptian public health scholar
  • Khaled Mahmoud AzhariEgyptian politician