Diminutive of Judson, English
"son of Jordan"

Jud Origin and Meaning

The name Jud is a boy's name meaning "son of Jordan".

More commonly spelled JUDD, this is a strong but sensitive short form that can easily stand on its own.

Famous People Named Jud

  • Jud BuechlerAmerican professional basketball player
  • Jud HeathcoteAmerican college basketball coach
  • Jud LoganAmerican Olympic athlete
  • Jud StrunkAmerican singer,songwriter and comedian
  • Jud TaylorAmerican actor and director
  • Jud WilsonAmerican baseball player

Jud in Pop Culture

  • Jud Fryfarmhand in musical "Oklahoma"
  • "Jud Jud"song by The Story So Far