English surname
"at the rocks"

Hallam Origin and Meaning

The name Hallam is a boy's name meaning "at the rocks".

A relatively rare English place and surname, Hallam could make a distinctive but usable boy's name. Hallam was the surname of the beloved Cambridge friend whose death Alfred, Lord Tennyson, mourns in his famous poem In Memoriam. A.H.H. Tennyson's eldest son, whom he named Hallam, became a Governor-General of Australia.

There was a silent screen actor named Hallam Cooley, and a 2007 Scottish film titled Hallam Foe, with Jamie Bell playing the lead character.

Famous People Named Hallam

  • Hallam Tennyson2nd Baron Tennyson, son of poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson and second Governor,General of Australia
  • Hallam CooleyAmerican silent film actor
  • Hallam Robert HopeEnglish footballer

Hallam in Pop Culture

  • Hallam Hollandcharacter on TV's "Upstairs, Downstairs"
  • "Hallam Foe" 2007 British movie
  • Sheffield Hallam Universityschool in Yorkshire, England

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