"chosen son"

Hakon Origin and Meaning

Variation of Haakon

Hakon Popularity

Famous People Named Hakon

  • Håkon Bleken (born 1929)Norwegian painter
  • Håkon Gebhardt (born 1969)Norwegian musician and record producer
  • Håkon Haugli (born 1969)Norwegian jurist, administrator and politician
  • Håkon Kjæve (born 1992)Norwegian footballer
  • Håkon Lundenes (born 1954)Norwegian ice hockey player
  • Håkon Opdal (born 1982)Norwegian footballer
  • Håkon Skogseid (born 1988)Norwegian footballer
  • Håkon Tysdal (born 1947)Norwegian writer
  • Hakon Sunnivasson (1131)Danish nobleman and the father of Eric III of Denmark
  • Hakon Andersen (18751959), Danish organist
  • Hakon Børresen (18761954), Danish composer

Hakon in Pop Culture

  • Hakon OneEye, character in video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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