Georgios Origin and Meaning

The name Georgios is a boy's name meaning "farmer".

The original Greek form of the name that has variations in many cultures and languages, most prominently in English George.

Famous People Named Georgios

  • Georgios PapadopoulosPresident of Greece
  • Georgios PapandreouPrime Minister of Greece
  • Georgios SamarasGreek footballer
  • Georgios PapagiannisGreek basketball player
  • Georgios PrintezisGreek basketball player
  • Georgios "Giorgos" TzavellasGreek footballer
  • Georgios GrivasCypriot,Greek general
  • Georgios AchilleosCypriot sport shooter
  • Georgios B. GiannakisGreek,American engineer and inventor
  • Georgios Kyriacos PanayiotouBritish singer, songwriter, record producer, and philanthropist AKA as George Michael